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Date Added: 13-11-2008, Last Updated: 13-11-2008
Category: Ethnic Dating    
Secondary Category: Chinese Personals, Asian Brides is a leading international dating and marriage
website that helps singles find their ideal mate in China. boasts of over 6000 ladies' profiles carefully selected
and verified by local marriage agencies, and its unique service
breaks the culture and language barriers successfully.

Chn works in conjunction with over 30 local marriage agencies in more than 10 major cities in China to facilitate connections via the Internet between Western men and Chinese women. Chn Love is for Western men who want to meet sincere, marriage-minded women from China.

Reviews (2)
beautiful chinese women
I have spent money on this site too…and came up empty over and over…BUT…finally after maybe a year of contacting women selectively…don’t contact the ones with unbelievable profiles or pics…I met a very cool Chinese woman who lives close to me. We’ve been seeing each other for close to 6 months now…wow! I suggest you contacting those from big cities like Beijing.
By hippy kyle on 22 November 2010 - Fraudulent Website
This website is a fraudulent operation. You can check some of the more recent responses of actual users at:

w w w. pfishy. com/site/

From personal experience, this company hires \"translators\" to pose as ladies whose photos are posted on their site, but may or may not even be single. Ultimately, their \"success stories\" are older women who are not those presented on the site (check out their own MODERATED \"forum\").

The scam is that they try to \"hook you\" into ongoing communications with a writer. Based on documented cases, if/when you eventually arrive in China, they will do the old \"bait-and-switch\". Hi, the lady is unavailable, would you like to meet another? In one case, a reviewer reported that the person in the photo was eventually found and paraded to the office and she seemed \"confused\" by who the \'guest\' was. You could be writing /speaking endlessly to someone else.
Some recommendations: 1. DON\'T spend a penny on this website. 2. Be on the look-out for Trolls on the internet extolling the vitures of 3. Report your experience to the HK authorities and/or get a refund from PayPal in 45 days (WorldPay is useless). 4. Be aware that there may be some (old) retirees who DID find matches through chnlove. [read this last point carefully].

And most importantly, let any unsuspecting \"affiliate\" websites know that is a scam, lest they become complicit in the fraud that is going on here.
By J Fitzpatrick on 01 January 2009